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2014 - 2017
crumpled silk paper, magnetic mechanism, mirror, stand
approx. 45 cm x 45 cm x 150 cm (dimensions variable)

In the installation IF IT WERE A SHEET OF PAPER a crumpled white silk paper is hovering about 2cm above a dark mirrored surface. The electro-magnetic construction overrides the expected physical forces, namely gravity in this poetic ensemble.
The proverbial “white paper” with qualities of pure potentiality within the creative process is in this installation connected to the scenario of possible failure. The former rectangle sheet has been transformed into a three dimensional form shaped by a non- intentional rather affective gesture. It has been faulted. In German language “verwerfen” has a double meaning: on the one hand the verb means to turn down an idea, on the other to describe the geological or structural process of folding or faulting. The gesture’s sculptural qualities are examined and the concept of failure is questioned.